Supporting TicketEM

TicketEM provides many users with Ticket Bots, and theses bots are hosted on a server. We pay for this server out of our own pocket. We have got several ways to donate, however the main one is Premium. We offer Free and Premium Features at the price of 2$ per 28 days. 2$ isn't much but it does help cover the costs. To do this you need to log onto our TicketEM Panel at:

You then need to go the server, click modify and at the top you will see a paypal button. Click this button, then pay and 28 days will be added.

More ways to pay:

If you're wanting to support TicketEM more then 2$/28 days you are entitled to donate more. To do this create a ticket on our Discord Server. Please see "How to Obtain Support" for more information.