How to setup TicketEM

Setting up TicketEM

Setting up TicketEM is really simple, it may take a few minutes. Please watch the video or follow the how to guide below: Setting up an account:

1) Please visit and fill in all the needed details.

2) Once done you will receive a confirmation email to confirm your account. Please click the link in your email.

3) Please log into the account at and click "Servers" Setting up the discord bot:

1) Before we progress you need to create a Discord Bot Application, so please visit

2) Please click "Create an Application" - Then put a name and a logo.

3) Then please click "save changes" and click "Bot"

4) Then click "Add Bot" and ensure the bot has got "Administrator" Rights or else the TicketBot will not work correctly.

5) Now take your Discord Server Link (ensure it is set to not expire) and click "OAuth2"

6) Now click "Add Redirect" and paste the link into the box. Please click Save Changes.

7) Scroll down on the page where it mentions "URL Generator" and select the newly added Discord Link Redirect you just added.

8) Then please select upon the "Bot" option beneath where you selected the Discord Link.

9) Please click "Copy" at the bottom off the page.

10) Open up a new tab and paste that link in and add the Bot Application to your Discord Server and click "authorize"

Once done you will see that the Bot is displaying offline on your server. Powering the bot with the TicketEM Service:

1) Now if you go back to Discord Application Developers and click on your newly created Application. Where you see "Bot" there will be a button called "Reveal Token" please copy this token.

2) Once copied go back to the Redeem a Server page at and paste it in the bottom box. Please then click Submit.

3) Please copy the top box. This is known as a Redeem Code.

4) Please then load up the discord server with the new application bot and type "-redeem (CODE)" please put the Redeem code where "(CODE)" is.

You have now setup the bot as needed, please note that only the Guild Owner is able to redeem the bot, please ensure they run this command.

Please also note that in order to create tickets, at least one staff member needs to have either one of the Staff Roles. Check "Giving staff access to tickets" on the Documentation for assistance in giving access.