TicketEM Docs

Please note that this is the Official Documentation for https://ticketem.com/

What is TicketEM?

TicketEM is an advanced ticket bot, providing you premium features for free. TicketEM was created to provide companies, businesses, projects and so on a universal tool that will provide your customers with better service. TicketEM is a for users to create tickets and allows support staff to directly assist.

What makes TicketEM better then competitors?

TicketEM is 100% custom, it also supports multi-language by changing a few text boxes on the panel. TicketEM is also unbranded meaning you don't see the "powered by TicketEM.com" on every message the bot sends unlike others. TicketEM does have premium features at a small price of 2$.

Did you know we have a dedicated support team?

Our support team are there to assist 24/7 when ever needed, join our Discord Server with the link below and create a ticket using -ticket